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Backlit LCD Kit
Carving in the Dark
based on 4 reviews
Details of Backlit LCD Kit

Introducing the 'Caving in the Dark' back-lit LCD kit for the CarveWright/CompuCarve machines; a Soigeneris exclusive product. We have been building these back-lit LCD kits for the CarveWright and CompuCarve machines for more than a year now. Originally we designed them to make our own CompuCarve's display easier to read and due to the interested generated we developed it into a kit that anyone can install in about an hour.

Our LCD kits plug right in to your machine in place of the stock LCD. There is no soldering or complicated wiring involved. The kit includes everything you need: the LCD module, screws, hold down clips and a new LCD shelf.

Installing our back-lit LCD kit makes the display on your CarveWright/CompuCarve machine very easy to read. So easy in fact that you can even read it in the dark, which is where the 'Carving in the Dark' moniker stems from. If you are like us, after you install the Carving in the Dark kit you'll never want to go back to the stock display.

Download the installation intructions

Customer feedback:

    "Jeff, you have a fantastic WINNER. I put the LCD backlight device in today and VOILA, it works just great." It was easy to install, and once in, it immediately worked as advertised and was well worth the money . it should be a standard part of the CarveWright." Bob H.

Installed Jeff's 'Carve in the dark' LCD this week and all is well illuminated, clean looking. His LCD backlight as an aftermarket kit is a good idea." Brandon M.

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based on 4 reviews
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Customer Review
Carvewright back lit display

Just got the back lit display installed.  Works great.  It is so nice to be able to read the display without a flashlight or full day light.  The picture on this website doesn't do it justice.  It looks better in the machine.

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Backlit LCD installed on my second CarveWright

Yesterday (Feb 17, 2014) I installed your Backlit LCD upgrade into my second (nearly 7 year-old) A-model CarveWright machine, and of course it works perfectly!

I didn't know you had a "review" feature, otherwise I would have posted how super-happy I am with the backlit LCD when I installed one on my first machine a few years ago!

Thank you for such a practical and useful item. Makes it TONS easier to see what's displayed on the LCD!

By :
Backlit LCD display
Easy to follow instructions, easy installation, works like a champ! Been on my machine over 3 years now and no problems. Love it!
By :
Backlit LCD
I just ordered my second one. Great product. A little complicated to install but anyone should be able to do it.
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