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Dyna Mechtronics




SmoothStepper (Warp9)





  • Here are a great series of video from one of the guys who works at Taig. There is a lot of good information here!

  • Here are a few videos we made a while back of one of our STDR-4C driving a Taig mill with out 166 oz-in motors. The point was to show how a stable pulse stream delivered by the SmoothStepper combined with well matched, quality components can provide superior performance. On the PC used 90 IPM was just possible with theParallel Port, the SmoothStepper did 90 IPM with ease. In fact I was able to crank it up to 250 IPM with the SmoothStepper; but that is not a reasonable speed for the machine design not to mention the steppers were doing nearly 5000 RPM!

  • Comparing 10x microstepping to 1/2 step - It can be a bit difficult to tell from this video but the difference between a 1/2 step driver and a 10x driver is amazing. The 10x driver is much quieter and smoother at low feed rates. The Gecko G540 is a 10x driver that morphs to a full step driver as the motors RPM increases. This gives you all the smoothness at low speeds and all the power at high speeds.

  • Constant spiral plunging/cutting - This was a test of using a constant spiral plunges to cut pockets in CamBam. This is now a built in feature in CamBam and provides faster and smoother pocket cutting. NOTE: In this video and the one above it you get to the fantastic A2Z toggle clamps in use.