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EZ-G540 - Set of 4
Makes hooking up your G540 EZ!
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Details of EZ-G540 - Set of 4

Don't want to try and solder wires to those tiny little DB9 connectors when hooking up your G540? Can't seem to find the proper value current programming resistor to match your motor's current rating? Then you'll love the EZ-G540!

The EZ-G540 is a high quality double sided circuit board that fits in a DB9 backshell and provides you with 5 easy to use solder pads for hooking up wires and it even has a built in industrial style cermet potentiometer for setting the drive current to match your motor! Comes as a set of 4 EZ-G540 connector boards with new backshells.

Take a look at the Users guide to see how EZ it is: here

Don't be fooled by cheap copies. We are the original designers and manufacturers of these EZ-G540 connectors.

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Super Easy Connections
Wow, these EZ connectors make a such a tough job so easy it's amazing.

1. Solder your wires to the pads
2. Adjust your resistor value to stepper value req. using an ohm meter and screw driver
3. Assemble housing

Super easy and so much less painful than trying to solder to regular connections and stuffing a resistor in there too...

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