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Glossary of terms

It can sometimes get confusing reading details about a product. Almost always acronyms and buzzwords common to certain industries are used and it can be tough to decipher exactly what you want to know. In an effort to improve understanding we are creating a glossary or terminology used on our website or those terms related to the interests we cater to.

Backlash - In the context of mechanical engineering backlash refers to the play between two mating components in a drive train. Picture two mating gears, no matter how well the gears are made there will be a small gap between the teeth. The amount you can turn one gear before mating gear rotates (because of the gap between the teeth) is the backlash often called 'lash' in gear texts.

Depth Setting Rings - Plastic collars that are pressed onto the shank of a drill bit or milling cutter that precisely sets the distance from the tip of the tool to the face of the collet.

ZrN - is shorthand for zirconium nitride. It is a hard chemical coating applied to cutting bits to improve their performance and greatly increase their lifespan. It has proven itself to be a strong surface enhancement coating that is suitable for machining aluminum alloys, high silica aluminum, cast iron, non-ferrous materials, high temperature alloys, stainless steel, glass-filled plastics and wood. It is not recommended for machining carbon steels.

The benefits of the coating will vary somewhat depending on the material being cut. For instance the life of a ZrN coated tool cutting ebony will be increased about 300%; the effect of the coating on the tools cutting edge when cutting in wood causes the bit to cut like a slightly worn bit, but it will maintain this same performance 3 times longer than a non-coated bit. Cutting copper, gold or silver with a ZrN coated bit shows an immediate increase in cut quality with beautiful edges for the 200% greater lifespan of the tool.