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PreciseBits PCB Starter Kits
The perfect set of tools for PCB routing/fabrication.
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Details of PreciseBits PCB Starter Kits

Our PCB starter kits combine the convenience of our PreciseBits brand PCB Drill sets with premium 60 degree trace isolation bits. This makes it easy to start out with PCB milling or stock up on the bits you will use most often.

The solid submicrograin carbide drill bits feature a shallow point angle that minimizes backside breakout and over plunging. The point geometry and back tapered flutes virtually eliminate top surface burr formation while the tip geometry produces shallow glue pockets for anchoring inlaid components. Four facet drill point minimizes grabbing and lifting of work-piece.

The 60° tip is optimized for engraving non-ferrous metals, hardwoods, phenolics, stabilized woods and composite minerals and feature a spiral geometry insures efficient debris removal with a cutting edge geometry virtually eliminates chatter at high feed rates. An optional Proprietary ZrN coating extends bit life and improves cut quality.

Our starter kits are offered in three varieties -

Through Hole
(starter kit A) 2 ea. #67, #60, #56 PCB drills - 60 ° V-bits, 1 ea. 1/16 in. - 1/8 in. PCB drills

(starter kit B) 2 ea. #70, #67, #64 PCB drills - 60 ° V-bits, 1 ea. #60, 1/16 in. PCB drills

(metric) 2 ea. 0.70mm, 0.80mm, 0.90mm PCB drills - 60 ° V-bits, 1 ea. 1.00mm, 1.60mm PCB drills


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