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Sherline Teflon Spray Lubricant (7555)
Super Lube with Syncoln
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Details of Sherline Teflon Spray Lubricant (7555)

The dry spray also contains PTFE. The propellant from the spray can evaporates almost immediately, leaving behind a thin, dry layer of PTFE or Teflon, one of the slipperiest substances known to man. Sherline says that the dry spray is excellent for use on machine slides because it doesn't tend to cause chips stick to it. It can also be used on leadscrews, locks, linkages, cables, pumps, small gears and garage door chain or screw drives.

We prefer to use a light duty way lube for most of these areas however. We carry Super Lube as it is a great general purpose spray lubricant however.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and more data about the lubricants can be found on the Super Lube web site at

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