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STDR-4C Drive System
based on 4 reviews
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Details of STDR-4C


The Soigeneris STDR-4C stepper drive is a full featured, compact, 4-axis stepper drive system. With its 120V/240V operation and a careful selection of quality components you have a solid performer that is also very economical to ship worldwide.

The STDR-4C was the first stepper control to come fully integrated with the SmoothStepper motion control board. The SmoothStepper offloads all the timing critical functions from the PC providing both a superior step quality and faster step rate than the parallel port is capable of. A stable step pulse stream allows you to achieve maximum performance from the rest of your system and it allows for using laptops and smaller embedded motherboards.

Designed to be easy to use and easy to upgrade all signals are brought out to the rear panel which make connections and upgrades easier. A 48V power supply is used to power the stepper drives while two separate auxiliary power supplies are also included: a 5V supply for the SmoothStepper and a 12V supply to power external sensors. (Separate isolated power supplies maintain the signal isolation provided by the G540.)

We can also provide a complete drive kit with the STDR-4C bundled with our stepper motors and a set a high quality, 20AWG, 8', shielded stepper extension cables. We suggest the following kits for common types of CNC machines.

  • Taig/Sherline with stock 20 TPI lead-screws: STDR-4C 3-axis kit with 166 oz-in motors
  • A2Z Monster Mill with 4TPI or 5mm lead-screws: STDR-4C 3-axis kit with 276 oz-in motors

For other applications please contact us about the correct motor choice.


The Soigeneris STDR-4C stepper drive is a full featured, compact, 4-axis stepper drive system. A careful selection of quality components is housed in a heavy duty aluminum enclosure. A high quality 48V, 320W power supply feeds the stepper motors through a Gecko G540 drive. Two auxiliary power supplies are also included: a 5V supply for the SmoothStepper and a 12V supply to power external sensors. (Separate isolated power supplies maintain the signal isolation provided by the G540.)

The design philosophy of the STDR-4C was to provide a very solid stepper drive system that was easy to use and easy to expand. We started with a heavy duty aluminum enclosure, a high quality 48V power supply and the venerable Gecko G540. All the signals from the G540 were brought out to the back panel to make connections easy. To keep things cool a unique thermal control baffle was used that ensures fresh, cool air is drawn in the bottom and the warm air is exhausted out the top. For systems using motors which draw more than 3A an optional heat sink is also available for the G540.

A large illuminated power switch starts things up and to help ensure safety an industrial E-Stop switch was fitted. The E-Stop switch removes power from main power supply and spindle output while maintaining power to the auxiliary supplies. Two relays were fitted, one supplies power to the spindle outlet and the other controls a set a auxiliary contacts on the back panel. Finally to provide the best performance possible a Smooth Stepper was added in.

Feature List

  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure
  • Gecko G540 4-axis stepper driver
  • 120VAC~240VAC Operation
  • 48V, 320W switch type main power supply
  • 12V & 5V, 5W auxiliary power supplies
  • Ethernet or USB connectivity with integrated SmoothStepper
  • SmoothStepper Port2 brought out to rear panel
  • Four opto-isolated inputs
  • Isolated VFD output
  • 5A, AC output for spindle motor (same voltage as mains supply)
  • Industrial, Twist-release E-Stop switch
  • Illuminated power switch
  • Exclusive ventilation control system
  • Includes DB9 connectors, USB/Ethernet cable and power cables


  • Size: 10"x10"x4"
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Power: 120VAC/10A, 240VAC/5A
  • 48V, 320W power supply
  • 12V and 5V, 5W auxiliary power supplies
  • 4 axis stepper drive, 3.5A per axis max
  • Spindle Control: Built in relay (5A max, ~1/2 HP)
  • Auxiliary relay contacts on rear panel
  • Illuminated On/Off switch
  • Industrial E-Stop switch (twist to release)
  • Interface: Ethernet, USB or parallel port
  • Four isolated inputs
  • Isolated VFD output


  • Kits complete with stepper motors and cables
  • Plug-and-play line filter for spindle output
  • Heat sink
  • Limit sensor junction box
  • External spindle control box for large spindle motors
    • Please inquire about this option so we can configure the box to fit your machine.


You can download the users manual here

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Customer Review
I use the STDR-4C with Mach 3 on a MAC mini running parallels & Windows 8.1 pro and they meld seamlessly. This platform perform beautifully, the intuitive interface is outstanding and available options make it seem as though the pair were designed on the same drawing board!

I also have to comment on the customer service I've received. Jeff is a genius, this is no exaggeration, and the customer service I have received is unparalleled. I will be a long term, loyal customer! Thanks Jeff!
By :
The ethernet version was very easy to install. Thank to the mill profile created by Jeff, I had the motors connected and was playing with G-code in a couple hours.
By :
I just realized that there's a place to add a review. I've had my STDR-4C controller since 2009 or 2010. It's worked flawlessly so far... No trouble with it at all. Jeff's knowledge & customer service is great, too. He guided me through the setup of the controller and Mach 3 for my Vytek Rebel Router. I definitely recommend Soigeneris.
By :
Great product, documentation and customer support
I replaced the Xylotex-based controller on my Taig lathe with the STDR-4C. It is a vast improvement and has exceeded my expectations in every way. Since I already had a SmoothStepper, Jeff sent me the box without one for a reduced price. This was lucky for me because it let me open the box and see what a thoughtful and neat job he did with it. The documentation is probably the best I have seen on any product and Jeff answered the few questions I did have very quickly. It's a great product and I am delighted with it.
By :
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