Amiga 1200 Case Saver Kit

A repair kit for your Amiga 1200's broken rear case clips!
Manufacturer: Soigeneris
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After coming out with the Case Saver kits for the C64 bread bin and 64C we started getting requests for a similar kit for the Amiga 600. The popularity of the A600 Case Saver Kit then led to the Amiga A1200 kit. The A1200 rear clips are similar to the A600 consisting to two 'hooks' that are quite easily broken, but of course they are slightly different in size and shape than the A600.

The replacement back clips are made to slip in between the two original 'hooks' and can be used to repair broken clips or to bolster intact clips to keep them from breaking off in the future. The arch of the clip is very close to the original while keeping it as thick as possible for added strength. The 'wings' on the rear of the repair clip register against the original hooks to help align then and keep them in the proper place while the epoxy cures.

While the 'wings' make the clips stronger and easier to install they do interfere with floppy drives. We include a full set of 5 clips 'with wings' which will work fine if you are using a Gotek or something similar instead of a floppy drive. We are also including two rear clips without 'wings' for the right hand side two clips by the floppy drive in case you still have your floppy drive.

Each kit contains five of the rear repair kits with 'wings', and two rear clips with no 'wings'.

As these parts are very small and light we set up a special fixed rate shipping method for customers in the United States. This works similar to the International Fixed Rate we set up several months ago for the C64 repair kits. This is an effort to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. Keep in mind that not all items on this website will qualify for these rates.

NOTE: For best results we recommend the following adhesives: Devcon 22045 Plastic Welder or J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder.

What is in the kit?

Description Quantity
Rear case repair clips with wings 5
Rear case repair clips without wings 2


Installation Video

The installation of the clips is just like the A600 rear clips as shown in the video below

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