End Mills

End Mills

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PreciseBits CM204 Tapered Carving Bit

A great choice for such applications as dimensional signage, precision 3D carving...

PreciseBits MH2I8 Horn Bit

Uniquely designed for the cutting of inlay and intarsia components from antler, horn, tusk, phenolic, and stabilized mineral products

PreciseBits MN408 ball Endmill

PreciseBits 4-Flute Ball Endmill for metal cutting

PreciseBits MP103F/MP108F OFlute

Micro-"O"Flute bits for acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC and other plastics

PreciseBits MS3I8 Shell Bit

A bit that is optimized for high-speed cutting of natural mother-of-pearl and abalone