PreciseBits MP108FR Radiused OFlute

Manufacturer: PreciseBits


The "O" flute geometry introduced more than a decade ago is one of the most efficient flute designs for cutting thermoplastics that has yet been invented. With a high rake angle and relatively low helix, O-flute cutters manage to cut acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC and a host of other sheet polymers at very high chiploads without raising a burr or fracturing the edges of the kerf. All of this while leaving a remarkably clean surface finish. The real surprise is that this revolutionary geometry also works incredibly well in wood and aluminum.

One of the recurring complaints about O-flute tools is that the high chipload results in "swirl marks" in the bottoms of pockets. For most applications, this is not a problem but, in the case of side-lit transparent acrylic panels, these artifacts can severely impact the quality of the engraved image. Our radiused micrO-flute tools virtually eliminate these cutting marks, yielding a smooth, near specular bottom finish.

  • Medical fixtures and components
  • Dental and Orthodontic appliances
  • Integrated optical substrates
  • Micro-fluidic control assemblies
  • Interocular lens fabrication
  • Back-lit and Side-lit displays and control panels
  • Geometry: radiused micrO-flute®, 1-flute, up-cut, center cutting
  • Length: 1.5" ±0.010"
  • Diameter: nominal"±0.0005"
  • Flute tip radius: Diameter X 0.18
  • Shank dia.:
  • 0.1250" (3.18 mm) +0.00, -0.0002"
  • Max runout: (TIR) < 0.0005"
  • Max. depth of cut: DOC varies by diameter ±0.005"
  • Anticipated Life - 6,000 linear inches (ebony, CNC milling)
  • Material: solid submicrograin carbide
  • Ring Set: 0.800" ±0.002"
  • Operating RPM: CNC certified operation 20k RPM to 100k RPM

Bit sizes

Item Description Unit Price
1) PB-MP108-0625-025FR 1/16" (0.0625", 1.600 mm), 0.250 in. max DOC, 1.50" OAL $36.95
2) PB-MP108-0787-031FR 0.0787" (2.000 mm), 0.313" max DOC, 1.50" OAL $36.95
3) PB-MP108-0938-040FR 0.0938" (3/32" 2.38 mm), 0.400" max DOC, 1.50" OAL $36.95
4) PB-MP108-1250-025FR 0.1250" (3.18 mm), 0.250" max DOC, 1.50" OAL $32.95
5) PB-MP108-1250-050FR 0.1250" (3.18 mm), 0.500" max DOC, 2.00" OAL $34.40