Amiga DB23F Video Connector Hood NEW

Newly manufactured DB23F video connector hoods for Amiga.
Manufacturer: R/S
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When the Amiga computer was produced the engineers decided to use a unique D-Sub connector variation with only 23 pins for the video cables. This made sense at the time as it was just a slight variation of a well proven and popular connector design. Now, 30+ years later it is a different story as these connectors have not been manufactured for decades and are next to impossible to find.

With no good solution on the market Soigeneris teamed up with fellow Amiga enthusiasts from RetronicDesign to have this connector remanufactured. With the connectors now available what was missing was new matching plastic hoods. While a DB23 hood can be mangled enough to work it looks ugly and does not fit all Amiga well. We approached the manufacturer of our DB23 connectors with our idea for a matching hood. The requirements were quality, good fitment, and thumbscrews where were easy to use while not being bulky and causing problems due to the tight confines behind an Amiga.

We are very pleased to offer these stylish matte black DB23 hoods. They fit the connectors very well and the thumbscrews are indeed easy to use, not like those teeny tiny screws DB connector hoods normally ship it.

You can also buy the hoods and connectors as a set at a lower price. Please see the link at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in larger quantities, contact us for a quote.

The Tale of the Elusive DB23

This is a story about Francis and Jeff, the Amiga community, and the quest for an obsolete connector. Francis and Jeff are vintage computer enthusiast who, unbeknownst to each other, both set off on a quest to find the fabled DB23F video connector for Amiga computers.

Their trek took them around the globe searching for the rumored long-lost connector molds. They encountered many dead ends and false leads, at times things seemed hopeless. There was even a villain who, when realizing that Francis and Jeff were unaware of each other’s quests, devised an evil plan to lure them into a trap. Luckily for our duo, and the Amiga community, a mutual friend Arizona Doug arrived just in the nick of time to help foil the villain’s plan and save the mission!

Now having joined forces Francis and Jeff ventured forward with renewed determination and certainty that their crusade was just. After many months of hard work, they found a manufacturer in the far East who had the skills to reproduce the fabled DB23F connectors in exactitude. A connector so perfect it is indistinguishable from those made back during the reign of Queen Amiga herself. A deal was struck, and the craftsmen are now hard at work producing the tooling to bring the long lost DB23F connector back to life.

The duo then set about to also reintroduce a matching DB23 plastic hood. Some scant 4 months later the hoods were once in again in production after many decades.


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