Commodore 64 7-pin round DIN connectors for power

A quality connector for Commodore 64 for power
Manufacturer: Soigeneris
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Back in the day Commodore used round DIN connectors of various pin configurations for the various ports on the computer. This seven pin variation is used for the C64 power connector, the connector on the end of your power supply lead.

Fortunately, these connectors are still being manufactured. The difficult part is getting a good quality connector as they all look very similar. Cheap connectors use a hard nickel outer plating which has a fairly high contact resistance.

Our DIN connectors have a silver alloy plating that improves conductivity and the reliability of the connection. This results in a small voltage drop across the power connection. It also makes them easier to solder to.

We also have the 6-pin IEC serial connector and 8-pin video connector in stock too.

We are happy to be able to offer these quality connectors to you for your Commodore gear.
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