Commodore 64 / VIC 20 Case Saver PCB Standoffs ONLY

The PCB standoffs you need to repair your C64/VIC 20 case
Manufacturer: Soigeneris


The venerable C64 and VIC20 are still cherished by folks worldwide. The years have taken a toll on many of our beloved machines cases though. The screw posts crack, the bottom case PCB standoffs crack, and the three rear tabs on the top case tend to snap off.

After a great deal of trial and error, we came up with a ‘C64 Case Saver’ kit. The full kit includes repair parts for the screw posts, PCB standoffs and the three rear tabs on the top case. The post sleeves and PCB standoffs are CNC machined out of natural ABS. The three rear tabs for the top case may be CNC machined or 3D printed. We 3D print these in such a way that the strength lies along the length of the tab, so the business end won’t snap off.

NOTE: This listing for for the repair standoffs for PCBs. A link to the full kit is below.

This kit contains 7 CNC machined standoffs for mounting the PCB to the bottom case. The drill bit which is comes with the full kit is optional with this kit in case you already have the bit. The correct bits are a #39 for bread bin case or #43 for 64C case (or metric equivilants).

What is in the kit? (This kit is the repair standoffs for PCB ONLY)

Description Quantity
C64-Screw Post Sleeves (or below) 0
64C-Screw Post Sleeves (or above) 0
PCB Standoffs 7
Rear Tabs 0


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