Taig 300-7x CNC Lathe toolholders

Get some extra toolholders for your TaigTurn CNC lathe!
Manufacturer: Taig

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Taig 300-7x CNC lathe quick change tool post holders

Taig equipped their TaigTurn CNC lathe with some very nice quick-change toolholders. The 300-75 main body gets attached to the table and any of the three toolholders will slip right on. A dovetail integrated into the main body keeps the toolholder secure and perfectly aligned.

NOTE: A main body, 300-75, is required to mount the toolholder. You can have several toolholders preloaded with tools and swap them onto the tool post main body as needed.

Tool Post Prices

#300-75 Adjustable Tool Post Main Body  $52.00
#300-76 Tool Post Toolholder with slot to hold 3/8" tool.  $38.00
#300-77 Tool Post Toolholder with two 3/8" diameter holes to hold 3/8" dia. tools.  $38.00
#300-78 Tool Post Toolholder with two 5/8" diameter holes to hold 5/8" dia. tools.  $38.00


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