Taig 4-jaw (independent) Chuck (1030)

4-Jaw, independent chuck, 3/4-16 mount
Manufacturer: Taig

The 4-jaw chuck is the most versatile of all the chucks. It can hold round and square shaped materials. Unlike the 3-jaw chuck (self-centering) each jaw on the 4-jaw chuck is adjusted independently of the others.

Some features of the 4-jaw chuck are:

  • Hardened steel jaws with steps
  • Jaws are independently adjusted in pairs
  • Setting a workpiece off center creates crankcase and cam shapes
  • Parts may be machined to run very true (this will require more time to center than a self-centering 3 jaw chuck)
  • 4-jaw, 3 1/4 inch diameter lathe chuck 3/4-16 thread mount, jaws adjusted independently (reversible heat treated steel jaws)
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