Gecko G540

Complete 4 axis stepper drive
Manufacturer: Gecko Drive


Hooking up a stepper drive system can get complex and expensive. First you pick out the stepper drives you need, then a breakout board, and you might have to add on other boards to get features like VFD output, charge pump circuit, etc. Then once you get all of those boards you have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to hook it all up properly. Gecko reduced both the complexity and cost of setting up smaller systems by designing all of these features into one compact unit.

The G540 is composed of four individual G250 motor controls, which plug into an optically isolated break-out-board with a standard DB25 connector and everything comes in a hard anodized aluminum case which is easy to mount and easy to wire up. Other built in features include a charge pump circuit (it can be bypassed with a switch on the back panel), two high current outputs that can directly drive relays, four isolated inputs, an enable input, and an isolated VFD output.

Connections to the motors are made with DB9 connectors (included), and programming the drive current is done with a resistor soldered into the DB9 (1K per 1A or motor current). Each of the four drives has an individual trim pot to optimize the low speed smoothness of each axis.

The G540 has four general purpose isolated inputs. These inputs may be used as limit switches or for any other purpose. You can connect SPST switches or PNP type sensors to these inputs. (Sensors must be separately powered.)

Two general purpose high current outputs are also built in. These outputs may be used to drive relay coils or for any other purpose. The outputs are rated at 1A and 50VDC maximum. Connect one end of the load to the output and connect the other end of the load to a positive DC voltage. This voltage may be the G540 power supply or it may be a separate power supply having a different voltage.

An analog output is provided for controlling things like VFD (speed controls). This is a 0V to 10V opto-isolated analog output. The VFD OUT goes to 0VDC while the G540 is disabled. The voltage source for this output is provided by the drive or an external voltage source.

If you compare the cost and complexity of configuring an equivalent stepper drive system out of separate components it is easy to see that the G540 is the way to go. It provides all the features that 99% of folks want at an unbeatable price.


The Gecko G540 is packed with features that make it the choice for small to medium sized CNC machines. If you compare the cost and complexity of configuring an equivalent stepper drive system out of separate components it is easy to see that the G540 is the way to go. It provides all the features that 99% of folks need at an unbeatable price.

The G540 contains four separate G250 stepper drives that all plug in an optically isolated motherboard (BOB). The motherboard isolates all the signals to/from the DB25 connector the VFD output is also isolated from the rest of the circuitry. This isolation not only protects your PC from the high voltage of the drives (in case something goes wrong) it also serves as a type of noise filter keeping noise from the drives from working back into your PC.

All of the features of the G540 is wrapped up in a heavy duty anodized aluminum case. This provides a stepper drive system that is not only easy to hook up but it is also easy to mount.

Feature List

  • All LPT interface pins optically isolated
  • Four isolated inputs
  • Isolated VFD output
  • Two high current outputs, can drive relays
  • Can be interfaced with 3.3V or 5V signals
  • Users selectable Charge Pump circuit
  • Over current protection
  • 15VDC~50VDC Operation
  • Four individual 3.5A G250 Stepper Drives
  • Motors connected by heavy duty DB9 connectors
  • Motor current programmed by resistor in DB9 connector
  • Anodized aluminum case



Gecko G540 Minimum Maximum Units
Supply Voltage 15 50 VDC
Motor Current 0 3.5 A
Power Dissipation 1 68 W
Temperature 0 70 °C
Humidity 0 95 %
Motor Inductance 1 50 mH
Input Frequency 0   kHz
Step Pulse “0” Time 2   uS
Step Pulse “1” Time 1   uS
Direction Setup (Before step rising edge) 200   nS
Direction Setup (Hold after pulse rising edge) 200   nS
Signal Voltage 3.3 5 VDC
Weight 7.9   oz
Input Voltage 0 12 VDC
Output Current 0 1 A
Output Voltage 0 50 VDC
VFD Output 0 12 VDC
Current Standby 70   % of set current




  • EZ-G540 Connector Set
  • Heat Sink Kit
  • Limit sensor junction box



You can download the users manual and Mach 3 profile here

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