LMTS-4I Limits Junction Box

Makes connecting sensors to G540 based controls easy.
Manufacturer: Soigeneris

The Soigeneris LMTS-4I is a small junction box designed to make wiring up Home / Limit sensors to Gecko G540 based controls much easier while also keeping your wiring neat and clean. Connections from sensors are made through sturdy 3-pin locking connectors which can also provide power to the sensors. A jack is also included to allow use of a touch type probe. Connection to controller is made by a DB9 ‘serial’ type cable.  

While the LMTS-4I is designed to be ‘Plug-and-Play’ compatible with the STDR-4C it can also be used for any G540 based controller. The box is designed to be mounted near the machine while the DB9 cable is used to carry the signals back to your controller. The STDR-4C comes with an auxiliary 12V power supply built in that can be used to provide power to sensors, all through the same DB9 cable.

The connectors used are Molex ‘Micro-Fit’ type. You will need a suitable crimper, like those used for DB connector pins, to crimp pins to your cables. Ask about the nice ratcheting crimper we carry.

Note: For controllers other than the STDR-4C we can provide a prewired DB9, with 12" leads, that can be mounted to your controller and wired to the G540. Select this option above.

Manual download here.

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