Soigeneris JogPad

Jog Keypad for Mach 3
Manufacturer: Soigeneris


Over the past year we have had many requests for an inexpensive jogging control for Mach 3. After exploring the options we found that using a USB key pad, with the keys remapped for use with Mach 3 provided a very handy, and inexpensive jogging control for small machines. We went out looking for an inexpensive keypad and then developed a Key Grabber definition file to interface it with Mach 3. After months of testing we are happy to make the Soigeneris JogPad available to you.

The JogPad is a small keyboard with a limited number of keys. Therefore it is intended to be used in applications where you would normally use the PC keyboard for jogging. It is not an industrial style control pendant and does not have E-Stop functionality. If you have a large router table or similar machine we would suggest using an industrial style pendant, which has E-Stop functionality, be used instead. Keep your safety in mind.


The Soigeneris JogPad is a USB key pad that is compatible with any PC. No special drivers are required. The unit comes with a 6' cable and is suitable for use with small machines where the PC keyboard would normally be used.

A definition file for Mach's Key Grabber is included as well as a detailed users manual to help get you up and running quickly. You can also use Key Grabber to reprogram the Jog Keypad to customize it for your machine.

Feature List

  • Easy USB connection
  • 39" USB cable
  • No special driver or plug-in required
  • Comes with detailed Users Manual
  • Key Grabber definition file included
  • Can be reprogrammed/customized
  • Weight 4oz
  • Size: 5"x3"0.5"



  • USB connection
  • 39" USB cable
  • Weight 4oz
  • Size: 5"x3"0.5"


You can download the users manual here

You can download the definition file here

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