Line Filter and Switch Box

Accesory line filter for STDR-4C spindle outlet
Manufacturer: Soigeneris

Electrical motors produce a lot of electrical interference which can find its way back into your CNC controls and PC. The most common symptom of this is random lockups and glitches. We offer the line filter box in two styles.

For Taig mills we offer a direct bolt on replacement tor the OEM Z-column mounted switch that incorporates our 10A line filter already wired into a heavy duty power cord. All you have to do is bolt it on and plug it in. If you want to mount the box on the outside of an enclosure or somewhere else other than the stock Z-column location as us about extension cables. We carry box 4' and 8' extension cables.

For Sherline the line filter box plugs into the AC outlet on the STDR-4C and has a 110V US style plug on the other end. The standard Sherline spindle motor cord will plug right in. This is also a good choice for small mills that have 110V/220V powered spindle drives.

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