SSENC-2 Ethernet SmoothStepper System

Complete Plug-and-Play Ethernet SmoothStepper System
Manufacturer: Soigeneris
Delivery date: 1-2 days

Note: This product has a 1-2 day lead-time.

While the SmoothStepper is available as a bare board this is often not a very convenient way to add one to an existing system. Proper installation typically involves things like rewiring, panel modifications, etc. This can lead to a lot of downtime and frustration while getting things hooked up correctly. 

For this very reason, we designed the Soigeneris SSECN-2 to make the process a simple ‘plug-and-play’ procedure that allows you to be up and running quickly with all the advantages of fast and accurate hardware step pulse generation for Mach 3.

The Soigeneris SSECN-2 is a small, heavy duty, aluminum enclosure that houses a SmoothStepper, a 5V power supply and associated parts. Ports 1,2 & 3 from the SmoothStepper board are brought out to the rear panel in the form of DB25 ‘parallel port’ style connectors, and the Ethernet connector is readily available. You simply need to connect an Male to Male parallel port style cable between the SSCEN-2 port and your machine’s control. 

Documentation and Downloads can be found in the documentation and downloads section.

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