Alps Printer-Plotter Mechanism Pinion Gears (Set of 2)

Repair your vintage printer/plotters with new brass gears!
Manufacturer: Soigeneris
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In the 1980s the Alps 4-pen printer/plotter mechanism was used by almost every home computer manufacturer for low cost printer/plotters, as well as for portable computer printers and for  a number of pieces of medical equipment. While they were not fast, they were compact, and did allow for 4 color printing/plotting at an affordable price.

Over the years they all develop the same problem however, the pinion gears on the stepper motors crack. Plastic shrinks over time and a small plastic gear pressed onto a steel shaft will most likely succumb to age and split. While there have been some 3D printed gears available, they are expensive and not as strong as the original injection molded plastic gears.

After searching for a few years now we finally found a manufacturer that could reproduce these gears in a reasonable quantity and reasonable price and out of brass which will last a lifetime. Now it is possible to fix all those old alps mechanisms and get them printing/plotting again.

The gears are sold in a set of 2 which is enough for 1 printer/plotter mechanism. They must be pressed into place, but you can make a simple tool to do so form a 2”/50mm C-clamp. See the video tab for an instructional video (available soon).

What is in the kit?

Description Quantity
Two brass gears, 0.25M, 13T, 1.5mm bore 2


Compatible Printers/Plotters

This is a partial list of equipment which we believe uses the Alps printer/plotter mechanism. Thanks to Tandy.Wiki and other sources for this list.

Personal Computer Printers/Plotter: *please check your equipment before ordering
Astron MCP-40X
Atari 1020
Canon X-710
Casio FA-10
Casio FA-11
Commodore 1520
Mattel Aquarius 4615
MCP-40 (not the Oric one)
Olivetti PL 10
Oric MCP-40
Panasonic RK-P220C
Panasonic RK-P400C
Sega SP-400
Sharp CE-150
Sharp CE-515P *
Sharp CE-516P *
Sharp CE-1600P
Sharp MZ-1P01
Sharp MZ-1P16
Silver Reed EB50
Sony PRN-C41 *
Tandy 26-3605
Tandy CGP-115
Texas Instruments HX-1000
Vtech Laser PP-40I

Medical Equipment: *please check your equipment before ordering
Gravenstein GAT *
Heinemann AT22, HMT 23, GSI 27, GSI 27A, GSI 28, GSI28A *
Homoth Combi 2000, Tymp 2000 *
Homoth Diagnostic-Center *
Homoth Rhino 2000 / Rhino 2002 / 4000 *
Homoth Tymp-Rhino-Combi *
Hörniß&Zeisberg IMP 88 / 89 *
Hortmann Ultrascan *
Interacoustics AT22 *
Otopront Digitale *
Steinmeier AUDIOmed SAT10, SAT20, SAM2000 *


Installation Video

The installation requires a special tool to press the new gears on. You can make this from a 2"/50mm C-clamp.

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