Ethernet SmoothStepper

Ethernet motion control for Mach 3 And Mach 4
Manufacturer: Soigeneris

The Ethernet SmoothStepper is an Ethernet based Motion Controller, it is the successor to the USB version. It provides three parallel ports of I/O with a simple Ethernet cable connection. Outputs Step/Direction signals to drive compatible stepper and servo drives.

The pulse stream provided is both smoother and faster than is possible via the parallel port. Many times, owners discover than the SmoothStepper will allow their machine to operate faster and smoother than ever before. We recommend the SmoothStepper over using the parallel port.

NOTE: The SmoothStepper does not come with cables. This allows you to pick the cables needed for your application. You will need an Ethernet cable and a cable to connect the SmoothStepper to your break out board, etc.

The cable options are:

  1. LPH26 to DB25 Female. This gives you a female parallel port type connector. If you are remote moutning your ESS this is probably what you want.
  2. LPH26 to DB25 Male. This connector will connect the ESS directly to a Gecko G540.
  3. This has the 26pin black rectangular connector on it and connects the ESS to some type of break out boards.

You will need a 5V power supply for your Ethernet SmoothStepper. We recommend the power supply in the option list above. It is the same one we use in our SmoothStepper enclosures.

Documentation and Downloads can be found in the documentation and downloads section.

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