Panel Mount Ethernet Cable

12" Female to male panel mount Ethernet cable
Manufacturer: Soigeneris


Over the last few years, the cost and complexity of Ethernet connectivity have dropped. Now we have all sorts of Ethernet connected devices that we can embed into our projects. Sometimes it is not possible to mount the embedded PCB in such a way to have the Ethernet port accessible from the exterior of an enclosure. What to do then?

This is where the panel mount Ethernet 'jump cable' comes in. This handy device has an RJ45 female panel mount connector on one end that serves as your external Ethernet port. On the other end of the 13" (330mm) cable is a sturdy metal shelled RJ45 male connector to plug into your Ethernet-connected device! An instant solution that works great and looks great too. It ads a very professional looking finish to your project.

NOTE: We import these directly from the manufacturer and have used them in our own products for years now. The mounting screws are included and the mounting dimensions are below.

Mounting dimensions

Mounting dimensions PDF: here

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