Musical Instruments

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PreciseBits RCC08 Chip Breaker Router Bit

A great bit for composites and PCB substrates

PreciseBits RCD08 Diamond Cut Router Bit

A great for composites and PCB substrates

PreciseBits MH2I8 Horn Bit

Uniquely designed for the cutting of inlay and intarsia components from antler, horn, tusk, phenolic, and stabilized mineral products

PreciseBits MS3I8 Shell Bit

A bit that is optimized for high-speed cutting of natural mother-of-pearl and abalone

Precise Bits MM208 Extended Length

Extended Length 2-Flute Soft Media Carbide Endmill

PreciseBits MN208 Stub Endmill

PreciseBits 2-flute Stb Endmill, ideal for non-ferrous machining.